Initiated in January of 2012, the Graduate Communication Certificate Program is sponsored by Graduate Student Government Association and the Georgia Tech Library, in collaboration with the Communication Center, the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and the Center for Career Discovery and Development (Career Services). The goal of the Program is to provide an avenue for Georgia Tech graduate students to enhance their communication skills as they prepare for careers in industry, government and academia.

The program is comprised of two components – a series of core and elective workshops to help build communication proficiency; and a capstone experience. The core (required) workshops cover public speaking, the communication process, CVs and resumes, communication ethics and visual rhetoric. The elective workshops include sessions on interviewing, the job talk, networking, writing grants, writing literature reviews, research skills, technical software for optimizing communication products, bibliographic management, media management & promotion, and more. The workshops help build written, oral and visual communication competencies. The capstone experience then provides an opportunity to effectively apply these competencies, and receive feedback from Georgia Tech communication specialists.

Georgia Tech graduate students who successfully complete the program receive a signed & dated certificate. Graduate students may complete the program at their own pace. There is no prescribed timeframe for completion. The core (required) workshops will generally be offered in the fall and spring semester. Elective workshops will be offered on a rotating basis, and may not be offered every semester.  Questions about the Program may be directed to the Program Coordinator, Lori Critz, at lori.critz@library.gatech.edu, or may be submitted on the web form.